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Expert Testimony

As experts, we draw up reports for courts of law. We support courts in connection with Spruchverfahren (a legal action shareholders can file, if they doubt the adequacy of the price. The price will then be checked by an auditor appointed by court. It is a final and binding court ruling) and other legal conflicts. These often deal with the question of proper company valuation. Our board members have been active as court-appointed experts for many years.

Andreas Creutzmann is a German chartered accountant (Wirtschaftsprüfer). As a Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA), he specializes in company valuations. He acts as court-appointed expert in several “Spruchverfahren” (final and binding court ruling).

Volker Hülsmeier is a public appointed and sworn expert for company valuation. He is also a member of the “company valuation” board of examiners and experts of the Frankfurt Chamber of Commerce and Industry and has drawn up expert testimony for many years.

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