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What we do

We assess, advise and audit. We do this either independently and neutrally or as your consultant. Your benefit is our qualification. As a public accounting company, we specialize in business valuations. Our core competence is the valuation of companies and intangible assets.

We also advise you in connection with transactions. Starting point is very often the value of the valuation object. Added to this are individual price considerations.

"Price is what you pay. Value is what you get." (Warren Buffet)

The value of the object to be valuated very rarely matches its price. A price is the result of supply and demand and mirrors the buyer’s or seller’s subjective expectations. A qualified valuation is the basis for a minimal purchasing price or maximum sales price, respectively. As your advisor, we provide you with the needed support from commencement till completion.

As a public accounting company we enjoy the legislative’s confidence in regard to company law regulations in stock corporation law. Also belonging to our field of activity are; audits according to stock corporation law in connection with the assessment of the recoverability of assets in kind, the conclusion of profit transfer contracts and control agreements, the change of corporate form and Squeeze outs. The central issue is always the appropriate appraisement of the valuation object. Our expertise in all aspects of valuation is confirmed by our appointment by judges to provide neutral and expert testimony in legal disputes.

How we go about it and how we differ

  • Qualified
  • Professional
  • Service at a fair and reasonable price

The implementation of company valuations and the valuation of intangible assets belong to the most demanding disciplines of business administration. That is why the high qualifications of our staff are very important to us. Most of our management team are members of the EACVA (European Association of Consultants, Valuators and Analysts), the first professional organization for valuation professionals in Germany. One of the goals of the EACVA is to establish an independent qualification certificate for valuation professionals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We support this goal.

An integral part of our corporate identity is professional work. For us, professional work means to be effective and efficient. All our project managers are valuation specialists. They have many years practical and theoretical experience in their core field. Our project managers’ specialization is topped off by their extensive industry know-how. This way, valuation projects can be handled in a target and result-oriented manner. Efficiency and effectiveness define our actions.

Professional work leads to service at a fair and reasonable price. Our remuneration depends on the qualifications of the valuation professionals necessary for the valuation task (team composition). Our hourly rates correspond with the qualification of the valuation professionals. Our clients value our effectiveness in handling their engagements. Experienced and specialized certified public accountants are included directly in the engagement, thereby assuring quick and timely decisions. We make as little use as possible of our clients’ internal resources. Thanks to our project managers’ long experience, we can conduct orders effectively and efficiently. This leads to considerable cost advantages for our clients. Our experience and qualification is used to your advantage.

Our motivation

We want to use our know-how in the field of valuation for the benefit of our clients.

As neutral expert or arbitrator and court-appointed expert we want to contribute to the appraisal of a fair and appropriate value of the valuation object. We take our professional principle “to deliver our expert opinion to the best of our knowledge and conscience” seriously.

As consultants, we represent our clients’ interests and support you with the solution of your duties. In these cases, we employ our specialist knowledge to your advantage. Valuable information regarding the decision making process is communicated clearly and comprehensibly to our clients.

We communicate clearly, whether we are active as court-appointed expert or as a consultant.